Pricing your High-Ticket Coaching Program

Attention Coaches!!! Are you wondering how to pick the “sweet spot” price for your High-Ticket Offer?

The following steps will help you get over any resistance you may have about charging a higher price. 

Step One 

  • Consider how much money you want to make?
  • Consider the impact your program will have on your client… one year, five years, over their lifetime, their families’ lives, their employees? 

Charge for the OUTCOME. Not by the hour, by the month or what your competitor is charging. 

You will have less client commitment and engagement if your price it too cheap. Whereas if you price higher you will attract more committed premium clients who show up and actually do the work and get the results they are paying for. 

Now that you have your price, to increase your confidence create a Kick-Ass Value Statement to get you pumped up and 100% confident your High-Ticket Price is a HUGE 10x+ value for your client – a MUST for enrolling high-ticket clients into your programs from cold traffic with ease.

Step Two

  • Consider WHY your program is a KICK-ASS program and HUGE value- What are you excellent at doing  
  • How much have you paid for your knowledge- How many years have you spent in trial and error  
  • How much have you paid for successes- How much have you paid for failures
  • AVOID negotiating price with your clients!

Wondering if your price is too low, too high, what we are seeing today in the market place? Want to speak with an expert who helps coaches double and triple their prices day in and day out? Book a FREE coaching breakthrough call today! This will be your chance to speak with an expert about your marketing strategy, sales strategy and pricing and how to get clients to pay this price and more. The call is free, but space it LIMITED! 

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